Mac Mini - the perfect Media box?

I am a 2 years+ MythTV user and started with a single combined Backend/Frontend machine using my 2002 Dell Optiplex P4. The WAF of that box dropped to alert levels very fast due to very disturbing fan noise.

End of last year, I decided to spend some money on a new dedicated MythTV Frontend and I got the Mac Mini 1,83 GHz Intel Core Duo with 2GB of memory. The WAF went up really fast as there is no noise anymore.

The Mac Mini is capable of playing HD content (except for 1080p) without problems - it also handles AC3 sound perfectly using the integrated digital audio jack.

I'm using the included Apple Remote to control the box and bought a very nice Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard for enhanced control fuctions like surfing, Google Earth and more.

I also included a 'Front Row' section in 'MythTV' by modifying the XML mythtv config file on the Mac. That way, I cannot not only watch my recorded TV Shows but also get access to video podcasts and TV Shows and movies which I bought in the iTunes Store.

The next step will be to integrate Joost in MythTV - the only culprit at the moment is the missing remote control functionality in Joost.

I'm happy to provide additional more detailed information about my setup - just drop a comment.