Happy Halloween everyone!

A self portrait shot with one light: Canon 580EX II in a Westcott Apollo Softbox on camera left (yeah.. where else?). Subject (me) between camera and soft box, hence the rim-light.

How to focus a self portrait:
I used a light-stand to place where I will be standing and adjusted it height to my eye-level and marked it's position with a gaffers-tape on the ground. I then focussed on the very top end of the light-stand, moved it away and too it's position.

I had a cable release in my hand - the camera was very close to me, so that was not an issue. Pressing the button on the remote triggered the shutter - done.

The teeth were a fairly easy Photoshop task - just Google for "Vampire Teeth in Photoshop" and you will find lots of tutorials on how to do it.

Any Questions/Comments - let me know.

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