Send your pictures back in time...

I recently went to the battlefields of Gettysburg, PA and found a statue of General Warren that overlooking Little Round Top.

I wanted to make that picture look like it was taken back in the days of the Civil War in the 19th century.

This was the original picture straight from the camera (RAW file conversion into JPG):

unedited version unedited version

I loaded it into Apple Aperture 2 and sent it to Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro to convert it into a black and white image with added grain.

The next step was to add the scratches in Photoshop CS4 using the brush tool on a new layer (~75% Opacity). I found a few great brushes - just google for "scratch brush Photoshop" and you will get what you need.

The end result came out like this:
An old one...