Apple (AAPL) is faking their stockprice during iPhone OS 3.0 presentation

During today's iPhone OS 3.0 media event, Apple showed a preview of their new stock application. Surprisingly to me (Disclaimer: I'm an Apple share-holder), they didn't show today's real AAPL stock-price which ranged between 95.07 and 99.69 but instead showed a quote of 125.42. The last time Apple traded at that price was in September 2008.

While I admit that I would like to see AAPL trading at that price, I do not understand Apple's intention in using a stock price that is more than 25% higher than the reality. I remember Steve Jobs joking about the AAPL real-time stock-price during earlier keynotes in which he was using the real quotes and not some fake numbers.

Side-note: The other stock-quotes that were listed in the application were real numbers from today.

See some screenshots taken off Apple's Webcast that can be found here.

[singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 float=left][singlepic id=32 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Apple's way of converting currencies

I had to do some currency conversions today and I'm usually relying on Apple's Dashboard Widget "Unit Converter".
I had to convert British Pounds into US Dollars and got some strange numbers that didn't sound right. I then made following conversion from US Dollars into US Dollars and got some very interesting results.

Currency conversion - the Apple way

Now, Apple claims to get the data from Yahoo Finance although their website shows the real numbers:

Yahoo Currency conversion

I wonder if I'm the only one having that problem. I'm running the latest version of OS X Leopard and have all recent updates installed.

Apple's MobileMe is up now, but.... [UPDATE]

Well, Apple finally managed to bring their .Mac successor MobileMe online, but there are quite a few problems.

1. While I can login with my old .Mac account information and get to the dashboard, I'm unable to access my Calendar, I'm just getting following error message:


2. The Mail section works fine but no SSL support. I'm just getting following error screen when accessing or Come on Apple, you can do better than that, there are people out there who actually care about security.



[UPDATE] 080711 - 14:35 the Calendar functions is now working but still no SSL.