City Pier, Naples FL

The pier in Naples, Florida is one of my favorite subjects when photographing in that area.

It has so many different faces based on the time of the day and the weather. It can be very crowded during the day especially over the Holiday season but folks tend to disappear very quickly after the Sun has set - even photographers with pro-gear and tripods were leaving the area BEFORE the magic light started to create its awesome show. I was literally alone on the pier and enjoyed the spectacular view just for myself.

The best days to photograph are the ones with heavy overcast skies and if you're lucky the clouds break right after or around sunset.

I created a dedicated gallery on my Portfolio Site and more will be added as I have many unprocessed pictures of the area in my library.
Here just some random outtakes:

I shot this picture just 30 minutes after the previous post

The city of Zug, Switzerland - a different view

Zug, Switzerland is a small city in central Switzerland. Even though Zug has a population of just about 25,000 there are about 24,000 jobs and 12,000 registered companies in the city. One of the reasons for the big number of companies is the fact that Zug is a very low tax region.

I've been working in that city for the majority of the past 15 years and got to know it quite well. Zug has also a very long history going back almost 800 years with beautiful old landmarks, that's one the many reasons I decided to start documenting the city and its surroundings with my cameras. I expect this to be a endless project that I will present in the gallery below that is supposed to keep growing.

Check the Gallery with many more photographs of Zug.

Some outtakes:

The port of Zug:

A Shopping mall:

The Old-Town of Zug