The best of 2009

Ivan Makarov inspired me with his "Wrapping up 2009" blogpost to do something similar and therefore you can find below my - in my opinion - best pictures I shot in 2009.

I would be interested to see your comments on which one you like most....

1. Wait a sec...
We went to Lake Compounce near Hartford, CT and shortly before we left the park, the light for that kind of shot was perfect.

Wait a sec...

2. The Dark Side
I went to the Explorer's Club in Manhattan to visit a presentation by photographer Rick Sammon that night. It was raining when I was on my way to Grand Central to catch the train to Stamford when I took that shot.

The Dark Side

3. The Wetlands of Cape Cod or the day MJ died
It was a beautiful day in Hyannis, MA (Cape Cod) and I took this shot just before I headed back to the Hotel where I heard the news that Michael Jackson has died.


4. Shithouse
This is another picture from the Cape Cod trip and I took it from a whale-watching vessel while leaving the harbor. That roof of that house was really full of bird poo and those 4 seagull were standing there and looked like that were about to p.... again.


5. A bright Monu(ment)
It was a beautiful but very cold day in February when I took that shot of the Washington Monument.
A Bright Mo(nu)ment

6. ...and there was light!
I took this picture at Mystic Harbor, CT inside the cord factory building. I really liked the side light and the bright spot at the end of the hallway.
...and there was light!

7. Yellowwwwww
I think it's pretty obvious where I took that photograph. I shot around a dozen images of that scene and this was the only one where the policewoman stood still while yellow cabs were passing. I was leaning against a traffic-light pole and thanks to the IS in the lens I was able to hand-hold it still despite the quite long exposure of 1/5 sec.

8. Drips from the topfloor
This is my first picture (and the only one so far) that made #1 on Flickr's Explorer site. I was walking down broadway from 42nd to Washington Square Park when I noticed the great tones and I was sure that this would end up as a black and white.
Drips from the Topfloor

9. Where is the ocean?
This is one of the first pictures I took when I got back to Switzerland in Summer 2009. It shows a yacht under construction that gets built in the middle of a corn-field. The owner plans to sail the world with it once finished.
Where is the ocean?

10. View from Rigi Scheidegg towards Lake Lauerz and Mythen
One of my last shots of 2009 shows the area where I live. The light was great as was the clear air.

View from Rigi Scheidegg towards Lake Lauerz and Mythen

DMUMag will be released today

A new Photo Magazine will be released today - The DMUMAG.

DMU stands for "DeleteMe Uncensored" and is a very active Flickr group of amateur and professional photographers. The idea behind the group is that someone adds a picture to the group pool and other members vote on the photo with either "save" or "delete". If an image reaches 10 save votes before 10 deletes, it gets added to "The Lightbox" - a pool of the finest pictures in Flickr.

That's what this new magazine is made of - "Lightbox" pictures. The first issue covers interviews with the top contributors, a history of the DMU by Thomas Hawk, plus a Photo Essay about his $2 project and collection of the best black and white images - taken from the "Lightbox", of course.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the driving force behind the magazine: Ivan Makarov. Special thanks also go to Charlotte Reynolds who designed the magazine from scratch - you're a master, Charlotte!

You can check the website or go directly to the DMUMag section on our publishers website to place the order.

Unfortunately, Magcloud currently only ships to the USA, Canada and the UK. If you live in a different country and would be interested in getting a copy of the magazine, fill out the form on the contacts page and we will give our best to send you an issue.

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