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DMUMag will be released today

A new Photo Magazine will be released today - The DMUMAG.

DMU stands for "DeleteMe Uncensored" and is a very active Flickr group of amateur and professional photographers. The idea behind the group is that someone adds a picture to the group pool and other members vote on the photo with either "save" or "delete". If an image reaches 10 save votes before 10 deletes, it gets added to "The Lightbox" - a pool of the finest pictures in Flickr.

That's what this new magazine is made of - "Lightbox" pictures. The first issue covers interviews with the top contributors, a history of the DMU by Thomas Hawk, plus a Photo Essay about his $2 project and collection of the best black and white images - taken from the "Lightbox", of course.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the driving force behind the magazine: Ivan Makarov. Special thanks also go to Charlotte Reynolds who designed the magazine from scratch - you're a master, Charlotte!

You can check the website or go directly to the DMUMag section on our publishers website to place the order.

Unfortunately, Magcloud currently only ships to the USA, Canada and the UK. If you live in a different country and would be interested in getting a copy of the magazine, fill out the form on the contacts page and we will give our best to send you an issue.

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