National Geographic Photo of the Day

I was very surprised to find out that one of my photographs was chosen as Picture of the Day on the National Geographic website. I shot that photo in early December last year on my way to work. The snow on the pier was still untouched and the rising sun created that spectacular orange glow on the horizon - I was very lucky as that beautiful light lasted for less than 5 minutes.

The particular picture is part of my Landscape Portfolio.

Photosynth is cool - but not for Mac and Linux

Microsoft's "cool' 3D photo service named Photosynth is online but as stated on their website only available for Windows. When browsing the site with a Mac it shows following splash screen:

When accessing it from a Linux box, it tells you the exact same thing - but why would someone on Linux care about the Mac version?

Microsoft: In case you haven't noticed, there is more out there than Windows, Windows, Windows and... oh yes, OS X.