The Deamonizer

I shot this portrait of a working colleague in the parking garage of our office building over lunch. It was a very simple lighting setup with a shoot-through umbrella on camera right (check the catch-light in the eye) plus a bare speedlight on camera left behind the subject.

Exif Info:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II set to Manual Mode

  • Exposure Time: 1/30th second

  • Aperture: f/8

  • ISO: 200

  • Focal Length: 200mm


A different kind of photo studio

I don't like white-seamless photo-shootings in windowless studios. Not because I don't own one but because I think they are lifeless.

I rather go outside - if the light permits it - and do the shooting in a natural environment like my backyard. I shot the picture below with just available light during a evening in early April after the Sun went hiding behind the mountains.

My kind of Photo Studio