University of Arizona

My biggest print ever - a Mural for the University of Arizona

Earlier this year, I was approached by a Denver, CO based architect with the request to license one of my photographs I shot at Antelope Canyon a few years ago for a large scale project. I didn't know back then what they exactly meant by "large-scale" but I do now...

That was the original image:

and this is what they did with it:

University of Arizona, Tucson - on the southwest corner of the campus the student housing project has a study room with tall glass walls. These walls are protected from the sun by copper anodized aluminum perforated panels. The panels are punched part way through and then the 'tabs' are bent out to create a shadow. Collectively the shadows come together to form the image. The image was created by sending the photograph through a computerized machine that interprets all of the shadows based on a gradient from light to dark. Then the tabs are punched at various angles to create the image.

It's still under construction and won't be completed before Spring next year but the mural is up now and I'm told the size is roughly 31ft by 32ft and nearly 3 stories high. Pretty cool - I think.

Taking a closer look reveals the actual "pixels":

Getting even closer shows the alignment of the tabs that act as "pixels".

I will update the progress as soon as new pictures become available.

Construction site pictures and technical description have been provided by AR7 Architects -