#15/365 In-between

I shot this picture inside the train-station of my hometown while it was pouring rain outside.

Due to the pretty high contrast scenery, I shot 8 bracketed exposures with 1 f-stop apart.

What you don't see here is that it's a pretty busy train-station and many people were walking through the frame but thanks to the very small aperture of f/18 that caused the long exposures, they simply disappeared

#15/365 In-between

Photosynth is cool - but not for Mac and Linux

Microsoft's "cool' 3D photo service named Photosynth is online but as stated on their website only available for Windows. When browsing the site with a Mac it shows following splash screen:

When accessing it from a Linux box, it tells you the exact same thing - but why would someone on Linux care about the Mac version?

Microsoft: In case you haven't noticed, there is more out there than Windows, Windows, Windows and... oh yes, OS X.