Catch the light as long as it's there

During my daily commute to and from work, I drive along the east side of a nice lake in Central Switzerland which gives me the opportunity to shoot sunset landscapes whenever the light is great.

On that particular evening in October last year, I noticed the great clouds in the sky right after I exited the garage at the office. After a few minutes of driving the light went from good to spectacular and I was very lucky to be at the exact right spot at the right time. I noticed that sailing boat lit by the setting sun while everything around it was in shadow and I stopped immediately - still obeying the traffic rules, of course - ran out of the car grabbed my camera that luckily had the 70-200 on it and started shooting. I literally had only a few seconds before the light was gone.

That's one of the reasons why I always have my camera gear with me.

Shot at 5:59:02pm
#126/365 Sailing against the Sun

Shot at 5:59:23pm