Apple (AAPL) is faking their stockprice during iPhone OS 3.0 presentation

During today's iPhone OS 3.0 media event, Apple showed a preview of their new stock application. Surprisingly to me (Disclaimer: I'm an Apple share-holder), they didn't show today's real AAPL stock-price which ranged between 95.07 and 99.69 but instead showed a quote of 125.42. The last time Apple traded at that price was in September 2008.

While I admit that I would like to see AAPL trading at that price, I do not understand Apple's intention in using a stock price that is more than 25% higher than the reality. I remember Steve Jobs joking about the AAPL real-time stock-price during earlier keynotes in which he was using the real quotes and not some fake numbers.

Side-note: The other stock-quotes that were listed in the application were real numbers from today.

See some screenshots taken off Apple's Webcast that can be found here.

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