Bar Harbor in Purple

I'm back from the off-line outback of Maine. I was without Internet access for a few days, that's why I failed to upload the daily posts...

This is an HDR I created just 45 minutes ago while staying at the Best Western in Bar Harbor, ME. I shot 4 bracketed exposures 2 stops apart - I actually shot 9 exposures, 1-stop apart but just used the 4. The sky was so bright red, I had to desaturate it slightly. I wanted to shoot a second set of exposures with a slightly wider focal length but the magic was already gone - it lasted for just around 2 minutes....

Exif Info:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

  • Exposure Time: 3.2s (32/10)

  • Aperture: f/14

  • ISO: 100

  • Focal Length: 23mm (23mm in 35mm)