Long Exposure Photography with the iPhone

A few weeks ago, I discovered a really cool app for the iPhone that lets you do long-exposures during day-time without any filters - well, kind of...

Final Image

The app is called AvgCameraPro and is available for $0.99 in the iTunes App store.

Here is what you need and how it works:

  1. A tripod or some kind of stabilization for the iPhone is a must.
    I use the predecessor of the Joby GripTight GorillaPod for the iPhone and either place it on the ground or bend its arms around the ballhead of my Gitzo tripod.
  2. The app will take multiple pictures (1-128) and blends them together to create that long-exposure effect.
    I pretty much always choose 128 pictures and I wish it would let me shoot even more than that. The 128 picture setting will shoot a picture every ~1.5 seconds so the approximate "exposure time" is at around 3 minutes. In order to get really nice smooth clouds on a not too windy day, a 5-6 minutes exposure would work best.
  3. You can actually see the picture evolve as it blends the individual frames in real-time while shooting - this is really cool
  4. The drawback is that the app shoots the pictures with only 2 Megapixels so you end up with a 1224x1632 pixel image - this is not so cool... 

This is what you get straight out of camera:

Straight Out of Camera iPhone Picture