State House

The Vermont State House - a great place for Photographers

When I visited Montpelier, VT last week I have to admit, I didn't even know it was the capital of the beautiful state of Vermont as it's a rather small town-like city in the middle of nowhere.

Once I got there, I quickly realized that this beautiful building must be the capitol and since it was a rainy, rather cold day in October, we had time to kill and decided to check if we can see the state house from the inside.

Having done a tour inside the US Capitol in DC, I assumed that I needed to leave my camera bag in the car as they anyway wouldn't allow big backpacks inside government buildings, boy I was wrong....

Not only do they allow photography inside the entire state house, they don't even bother about tripods which I didn't bring because I never in the world thought that they would let me use it. We joined a free tour with a very knowledgeable tour-guide who showed us the senate chamber, representatives' hall and the governor's office. Once the group moved to the next room I stayed inside the previous room and took my time to photograph it without anybody inside but me and the camera. All the guide was asking is that the last to leave the room put the rope back in place - I gladly took over that job.

So if you are ever near Montpelier, VT - make sure not to miss that tour inside the Vermont State House.


Vermont State House

Vermont State House Vertical

Representative's Hall inside Vermont's State House

Senate Chamber inside Vermont's State House

Governor's Office