I do NOT sell blog posts for hidden advertisement - never!

I don't know if this is becoming a trend but I've been getting several requests lately from "Marketing Firms" asking  about advertising placement on my website. I generally have no problems with putting ads on my blog but not hidden ads like this. 

I herewith guarantee you, the readers of my blog, to NEVER accept money - no matter how much - to publish "fake" blog posts with hidden advertisements in them. The only place on my blog for ads is over there to your right where it belongs -------------->

I don't know the legal aspect of that kind of advertisement but in my opinion, this should be banned.

Please share your opinion in the comment section below. 

Over and out.


The reason I replied to the first email, was because it sounded like they wanted to place a simple ad on my blog even though I suspected something like this but I was curious and asked for clarification.

Here the message I got initially: